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姓名: 陶祚桐(HOW ZUO TONG


出生年月: 19872

学位: 博士

职称: 副研究员







20132- 201611 博士 化学 科廷大学(澳大利亚)

20102- 2012 11 学士 化学 科廷大学(澳大利亚)


副研究员 20229月–至今 bob最新版下载地址 环境科学系

博士后研究员 20191月–20221月 阿尔伯塔大学(加拿大) 环境工程系

博士后研究员 201711-201810月 新加坡国立大学(新加坡) 材料科学与工程系


国家自然基金委外国青年学者研究基金项目 (2022),Application and fundamental study of an in-situ-UV chlorination process for the removal of chemicals of emerging concern (项目编号:22150410342),20万,结题,主持

bob最新版下载地址引进人才启动基金 (2022),在研,主持




Z.T. How and M. Gamal El-Din. (2021) A critical review on the detection, occurrence, fate, toxicity, and removal of cannabinoids in the water system and the environment. Environmental Pollution, 268 (Part A), 115642 (中科院2)

Z.T. How, D.J. Blackwood. (2019) Degradation of Acid Orange 7 through radical activation by electro-generated cuprous ions. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 7 (6), 103450 (中科院2)

Z.T. How, K.L. Linge, F. Busetti, C.A. Joll. (2018). Formation of odorous and hazardous by-products from the chlorination of amino acids. Water Research, 146, 10-18 (中科院1)

Z.T. How, I. Kristiana, F. Busetti, K.L. Linge, C.A. Joll. (2017). Organic haloamines in chlorine-based disinfected water systems: A critical review. Journal of Environmental Science, 58, 2-18 (中科院2)

Z.T. How, K.L. Linge, F. Busetti, C.A. Joll. (2017). Chlorination of amino acids: Reaction pathways and reaction rates. Environmental Science and Technology, 51 (9), 4870-4876 (中科院1)

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J. Li, Z.T. How, M. Gamal El-Din. (2023) Removal of colloidal impurities by thermal softening-coagulation-flocculation-sedimentation in steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) produced water: performance, interaction effects and mechanism study. Separation and Purification Technology, 313, 123484. (中科院1)

J. Li, Z.T. How, M. Gamal El-Din. (2023) Aerobic degradation of anionic polyacrylamide in oil sands tailings: Impact factor, degradation effect, and mechanism, Science of The Total Environment, 856 (1) (中科院1)

J. Song, Z.T. How, Z. Huang, M. Gamal El-Din. (2022), Biochar/iron oxide composite as an efficient peroxymonosulfate catalyst for the degradation of model naphthenic acids compounds, Chemical Engineering Journal, 429, 132220 (中科院1)

A.R. Al Umairi, Z.T. How, M. Gamal El-Din. (2021), Enhanced Primary Treatment during Wet Weather Flow Using Ferrate as a Coagulant, Coagulant Aid and Disinfectant, Journal of Environmental Management, 290, 112603 (中科院1)

M. Alameddine, Z.T. How, M. Gamal El-Din. (2021), Advancing the Treatment of Primary Influent and Effluent Wastewater during Wet Weather Flow by Single versus Powdered Activated Carbon-catalyzed Ozonation for the Removal of Trace Organic Compounds, Science of The Total Environment, 770, 144679 (中科院1)

A.S. Abdalrhman, C. Wang, Z.T. How, and M. Gamal El-Din. (2021) Degradation of cyclohexanecarboxylic acid as a model naphthenic acid by the UV/chlorine process: Kinetics and by-products identification. Journal of Hazardous Materials 402, 123476 (中科院1)

Z. Fang, R. Huang, Z.T. How, B. Jiang, P. Chelme-Ayala, Q. Shi, C. Xu, M. Gamal El-Din. (2020) Molecular transformation of dissolved organic matter in process water from oil and gas operation during UV/H2O2, UV/chlorine, and UV/persulfate processes. Science of The Total Environment, 730, 139072 (中科院1)

R. Qin, Z.T. How, M. Gamal El-Din. (2019). Photodegradation of naphthenic acids induced by natural photosensitizer in oil sands process water. Water Research, 164, 114913 (中科院1)

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